Sunday, March 22, 2009

Brilliant Blogs

The Adventures of Baldylocks
Aiming to be Obsolete
Appendix Cancer
The Assertive Cancer Patient
Awesome Cancer Survivor
Blog for a cure
The Breast Cancer Reconstruction Blog
Cancer Banter
Cancer Bitch
Cancer Has Its Privileges
The Cancer Warrior
Cancerous Capers
Cowgirl Attitude
Cytogenetics and Cancer Research
Dan Duggan's Head and Neck Cancer Blog Site
Everything Changes
Fight Pink
I Kicked Cancer's Ass
I Made Cancer my Bitch
In My Life
I've still got both my nuts
The Journal of a Prizefighter

Julie's breast cancer blog
Life after cancer diagnosis
The Lipstick Tour
Living with Prostate cancer
Michelle WILL Win Against Colon Cancer
Miss Melanoma
My Blood Hates Me
My Breast Cancer blog
My Lymphoma Blog
Myeloma Hope
Neil's Nodes
Out on a Limb: Life after cancer
Pregnant with Cancer
Really Nelie
Rotorhead's Waterblog
Route 53
Running for My Life: Fighting Cancer one Step at a Time
Somebody Stop the World
The Stupid Cancer Blog
They Call Me Galvez
This Times a Charm
The Uniboob Club
The Vegan Lifestyle
Throws Like a Girl
To Keep You, A Breast
What's Up with the Doc?
When the Doctor Becomes the Patient
Who Says I can't?


  1. Kate,

    Great blog, and I love the "cancer can kiss my butt" gear! I'd be honored if you'd list my blog with the others on this page. It's called "The Trurogirl Diaries", and it's about my journey back to health as a breast cancer patient:

    Best regards, Trurogirl

  2. I'd be grateful if you would consider listing my blog in your links:

    Anticancer Living: Improving diet and lifestyle to help kill cancer and keep cancer away for good!

  3. Great Blog! My Cancer Survivor blog is

  4. Hi, Katie. I'm an author and friend of Kairol's - she wrote an essay for my top-listed cancer support book a few years ago. So glad I found your blog.

    Please consider listing my blog, which is solely about supporting people with cancer - "what helps. what hurts. what heals."

    Many thanks,

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