Thursday, January 1, 2009

Pharmaceuticals and Biologicals by Company A-B

Arc of Support, Abraxis Oncology Resource Center
Monday–Friday, 8:00 am–8:00 pm, EST

The Arc of Support is a comprehensive program that provides a broad range of services for healthcare professionals caring for patients undergoing treatment with Abraxane for Injectable Suspension (paclitaxel protein-bound particles for injectable suspension) (albumin-bound).

Metastron®Reimbursement Hotline
Monday–Friday, 9 am–5 pm, EST

Amersham has established a toll-free Reimbursement Hotline that customers may use to speak with a reimbursement specialist. Specific coding and payment issues are individualized by state to assist the customer with appropriate reimbursement. Updated publications related to specific questions can be provided via fax or mail to reinforce information provided verbally.

Amersham Reimbursement Services
Monday–Friday, 8:30 am–5:30 pm, EST

Callers may obtain coverage, coding, and reimbursement information.

Amgen Reimbursement Connection
Monday–Friday, 9 am–8 pm, EST

The Reimbursement Connection ™ is a full-service hotline for reimbursement and patient assistance for those who are interested in Neupogen® (filgrastim), Aranesp ™ (darbepoetin alfa), and Neulasta ™ (pegfilgrastim).

The Reimbursement Connection is a free resource providing information on reimbursement policies, billing and coding, and claims appeals. Reimbursement Connection staff can conduct insurance verifications upon request. Staff can provide information about Amgen’s SAFETY NET® Program, which replaces Neupogen, Aranesp, and Neulasta to sponsors of medically needy patients who are underinsured or uninsured and meet specific program eligibility criteria. Providers can pre-qualify eligible patients for the SAFETY NET Program over the phone with appropriate patient consent. The Reimbursement Connection also assists patients by reviewing their insurance options and referring appropriate patients to alternative funding resources, such as state- or county-based funding when appropriate.

AstraZeneca Cancer Support Network (AZ CSN)
Monday–Friday, 9:00 am–8:00 pm ET

The AstraZeneca Cancer Support Network a toll-free service staffed by specially trained nurses, pharmacists, and reimbursement specialists to provide up-to-date information and answers to questions about clinical trials for AstraZeneca oncology products, disease state information, reimbursement and access and payer coverage.

The AZ CSN supports the following products: Arimidex 1 mg (anastrozole tablets), Faslodex IM injection (fulvestrant), Zoladex 3.6 mg (goserelin acetate implant), Zoladex 10.8 mg, and Casodex 50 mg (bicalutamide tablets). Reimbursement specialists are available to assist callers with coverage and reimbursement issues relating to Medicare Parts A, B, D and Medicare Advantage as well as Medicaid, private third-party payers, and managed care organizations.

Alternative database searches are available to further assist patients in finding coverage from other resources if needed. Callers may obtain coding recommendations (HCPCS, CPT, ICD-9), assistance with denied or under-reimbursed claims, general coverage and reimbursement information.

On-line assistance is also now available at

Nexavar®/REACH Helpline for Bayer/Onyx Pharmaceuticals
Monday–Friday, 9 am–8 pm, EST
1.866 NEXAVAR (1.866.639.2827, Essential Support Is Within REACH, Resources for Expert Assistance and Care Helpline

The Resources for Expert Assistance and Care Helpline is available to answer questions about Nexavar treatment, reimbursement, and patient support. The REACH program, developed by Bayer and Onyx Pharmaceuticals, provides physicians and patients with clinical information about Nexavar and helps with insurance questions and claims, as well as assists with prescriptions and reimbursement inquiries. REACH is supported by a team of counselors dedicated to helping patients and physicians understand coverage and navigate the reimbursement system and Medicare Part D. REACH is also designed to support patients as they transition from the Nexavar expanded access treatment protocol.

CamCareTM Support Line
Campath® (alemtuzumab)
Fludara® (fludarabine phosphate)
Monday–Friday, 8 am–5 pm, EST

The CamCare program supports providers, patients, and caregivers throughout treatment with Fludara (fludarabine phosphate) and Campath (alemtuzumab). Trained reimbursement consultants provide personalized assistance to help facilitate reimbursement and ensure patient access to therapy. Consultants are available by phone to answer reimbursement questions regarding coding, preparation of insurance claims and claim appeals. In addition to claims support, consultants can reach patient-specific insurance coverage, assist uninsured patients through a patient assistance program, and explore sources of alternate coverage for patients. The CamCare Support Line also provides patients and providers with access to a team of registered nurses who specialize in cancer care and treatment. This dedicated team of nurse consultants provides nurses and patients with around-the-clock clinical support for Campath therapy.

Leukine® Reimbursement Hotline
Monday–Friday, 9 am–8 pm, EST

The Leukine® Reimbursement Hotline offers third-party billing information for Leukine® (sargramostim). Reimbursement specialists provide assistance to identify informational requirements of individual insurers, facilitate prior authorization requests, and assist in appeals of denied claims. The hotline provides one-on-one assistance with claims filing guidelines, including CPT-4 and HCPCS coding. A 24-hour dedicated fax machine is available at 800-944-3184. These services are available free of charge to health care professionals by request only.

Quadramet® Reimbursement Hotline
Monday–Friday, 9 am–5 pm, EST

Quadramet® (Samarium-153 [EDTMP] lexidronam injection) is a radiopharmaceutical indicated for the treatment of pain in patients with confirmed osteoblastic metastatic bone lesions that enhance on radionuclide bone scan. The Berlex Reimbursement Hotline for Quadramet is a free information resource available to anyone who may have questions about insurance coverage or reimbursement. The associates who staff the Reimbursement Hotline for Quadramet are highly trained service professionals who can provide assistance in patient-specific coverage and claims filing. In addition, if an insurer should deny or delay reimbursement, hotline associates can analyze the claim and recommend an appeal strategy.

Rituxan® Single Point of Contact (SPOC) Reimbursement
Reimbursement Support Line - Trained Specialists
Monday–Friday, 6:00 am–5:00 pm, ET

Biogen Idec recognizes the importance of coverage, payment, and accurate coding, and is committed to providing assistance through a dedicated Reimbursement Support Line. The Reimbursement Support Line is staffed with trained specialists in payer relations, coding and payment issues unique to Rituxan. These specialists will help you understand the various coding options across sites of service, physician’s office and hospital outpatient, and help you complete correct claim forms for submission to insurance companies.

Destination Access
Monday–Friday, 7:00 am–7:00 pm, CST

The service is designed to assist callers from the medical community with reimbursement issues surrounding all Bristol-Myers Squibb Oncology and Immunology products. The hotline is staffed by trained reimbursement specialists who will provide information on third-party coverage guidelines, claim requirements of individual third-party payers, limitations of specific policies, drug and procedures coding, and names and addresses of third-party payers. The hotline offers assistance in providing details on claim form submission, identifying reasons for claim rejection, providing guidelines and literature for claim appeals, facilitating prior authorization requests, and contacting insurers when appropriate in the process of claim submission. The hotline is designed for providers in the United States.

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