Thursday, January 1, 2009

Pharmaceuticals and Biologicals by Company L-Q

Ligand Pharmaceuticals

Ligand Reimbursement Support Program
Monday–Friday, 9 am–5 pm, EST
Professional Services
Monday–Friday, 9 am–7 pm EST

The Ligand Reimbursement Support Program provides health care professionals with reimbursement assistance. The reimbursement specialists answer coding and billing questions; provide plan-specific product coverage information; and assist with the prior authorization and/or appeal processes.

The Patient Assistance Program (PAP) provides products free of charge to qualified, uninsured, indigent patients. Ligand Pharmaceuticals, Inc. reserves the right to modify or discontinue the program without notice.

Professional Services provides product information, including peer-reviewed clinical study publications, in response to requests from the medical professional community.

Targretin® gel 1% is indicated for the topical treatment of cutaneous lesions in patients with CTCL (Stage 1A 1B) who have refractory or persistent disease after other therapies, or who have not tolerated other therapies.

Targretin® capsule(s) is indicated for use in the treatment of cutaneous manifestations of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma in patients who are refractory to at least one prior systemic therapy.

ONTAK® is indicated for the treatment of patients with persistent or recurrent cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL) whose malignant cells express the CD25 component of the IL2 receptor.

Panretin® gel 0.1% is indicated for topical treatment of cutaneous lesions in patients with AIDS-related Kaposi's sarcoma.

MedImmune Oncology Ethyol® Protect Program
Monday–Friday, 9 am–5 pm, ET

The Ethyol Protect Program is a toll-free service that provides assistance to healthcare providers with coding and coverage verification, claims submissions, and appeals for Ethyol® (amifostine). As part of the reimbursement assistance services, reimbursement counselors will help physicians and patients assess their individual reimbursement situation by helping to verify their current insurance coverage, find out how individuals can access that coverage, and help to identify alternate insurance sources. For those patients who have followed the appropriate appeal procedures and are still denied coverage, assistance may be available to physicians in the form of product replacement. Additionally, product assistance in the form of free drug is available to financially needy individuals who meet the program's criteria. Pre-registration is required for both programs. Physicians, patients, and others needing reimbursement assistance for Ethyol should call 1-877-MEDI-411 (1-877-633-4411), one name, one source, one number, for Ethyol.

MGI Pharma Access Program (MAP)

This resource addresses: Aloxi, Dacogen, Hexalen, Gliadel Wafer

MGI product information
Indigent program
Reimbursement questions
Prior authorization
Referral to co-pay assistance programs
Insurance verification
Coding questions
Appeal assistance
Referral to disease-state assistance programs
Letter to Medical Necessity

Millenium Pharmaceuticals

VELCADE® Reimbursement Assistance Program
Monday–Friday, 9 am–8 pm, EST

The VELCADE Reimbursement Assistance Program is a full-service hotline for health care providers, patients and caregivers. Reimbursement Specialists can verify health insurance coverage and eligibility; obtain pre-authorization; assess each patient’s drug coverage; and clarify any co-payment obligations patients may have relative to VELCADE® (bortezomib) for Injection. In addition, coding and billing questions can be discussed with Reimbursement Specialists to facilitate appropriate payment for VELCADE and related services.

In cases where patients have insufficient health insurance coverage, Reimbursement Specialists will help determine if alternative funding sources for VELCADE are available. If no other sources of drug coverage can be identified, patients will be evaluated for the VELCADE Patient Assistance Program and if eligible, will receive VELCADE free of charge.

Novartis Oncology

The Reimbursement Hotline for Zometa®, Femara®, Gleevec™, and Exjade®
Zometa®: 866.4.ZOMETA®
Femara®: 866.4.FEMARA®
Exjade®: 1-888-90E-PASS
Monday to Friday, 9:00 am–8:00 pm EST

The Reimbursement Hotline hours of operation for Sandostatin LAR Depot® are:
Monday–Friday, 9:00 am–5:00 pm EST

The Sandostatin LAR Depot® Reimbursement Hotline:

The Zometa®, Femara®, Gleevec™, Exjade®, and Sandostatin LAR Depot® reimbursement program is available to assist health care providers with the following services:

Insurance Verification:
The program verifies patients’ medical benefits, helps determine insurance coverage for ZOMETA®, Femara®, Gleevec™, Exjade®, and Sandostatin LAR Depot® and clarifies any co-payment obligations they may have relative to ZOMETA®, Femara®, Gleevec™, Exjade®, and Sandostatin LAR Depot®.

The program assists providers to obtain appropriate reimbursement. Coding/Billing Questions: In addition, the program staff will assist providers with coding and billing questions.

Alternate Funding Searches:
The program staff will search for possible assistance for those patients with insufficient medical benefit coverage. Program staff will help determine if there are additional sources of funding that could help alleviate or reduce the cost of ZOMETA®, Femara®, Gleevec™, Exjade®, and Sandostatin LAR Depot® for the patient.

Patient Assistance Program:
The program screens indigent patients who do not have any benefit coverage for patient assistance eligibility. This process includes gathering income, assets, insurance, and residency information needed to determine eligibility. If eligible, these patients will qualify for free drug based on their residency status, insurance status, household size and household income.

Information Requests:
Mails product information materials to callers. Letter of Medical Necessity: The hotline provides copies of sample letters of medical necessity to doctors to support their claims.

Ortho Biotech Products

Reimbursement Hotline for DOXIL®
(doxorubicin HCI liposome injection) Doxiline
Monday–Friday, 9 am–8 pm, EST
Phone: 800.609.1083
Fax: 800.987.5572

PROCRITline Reimbursement Hotline for PROCRIT® (Epoetin alfa)
for nondialysis use.
Monday–Friday, 9 am–8 pm, EST
800.553.3851 phone
800.987.5572 fax

LEUSTATIN® (cladribine) injection
Monday–Friday, 9 am–8 pm, EST
Phone: 800.553.3851
Fax: 800.987.5572

The program will ensure that PROCRIT, LEUSTATIN, and DOXIL are made available to any persons who meet specific medical criteria and lack financial resources and third-party coverage necessary to obtain treatment. A specialist will determine the patient’s eligibility. Patient eligibility application forms are available by accessing the 800 numbers or may be obtained online. This call can help determine if a patient is eligible to enroll in the program or is eligible for an alternative program if other sources of funding are identified.

Pfizer Oncology Reimbursement Assistance Program: FirstRESOURCE
Monday–Friday, 9:00 am–8:00 pm, EST
Phone: 1.877.744.5675

Reimbursement assistance is available for all Pfizer oncology products, which include Aromasin® (exemestane tablets), Camptosar® (irinotecan HCI injection), Ellence® (epirubicin hydrochloride injection), Sutent (R) (sunitinib malate capsules) and additional oncology products.

For All FirstRESOURCE Services: Call 1-877-744-5675 (toll free) to reach a FirstRESOURCE counselor. If a counselor is not available, callers can leave a confidential message and calls will be returned within 1 business day. Assistance for non-English speaking individuals is available. FirstRESOURCE counselors will provide specific information on all services and program requirements.

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